Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life Scout

Christian advanced to Life Scout this Wednesday at the stake court of honor. He also walked away with 8 merit badges. Now he is going to start on his Eagle Scout project. He also has 3-4 merit badges to finish up.

Christian wanted to be funny:)

He was awarded merit badges for Geneology, Art, Family Life, Communication, Lifesaving, Computers, Music, Citizenship in the Community, and Music.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Check In

All right. I have nothing big to report - and no pictures either. I did find out what kind of bird made my nest though. It is a cactus wren. I found out by reading a book to my school kids. I brought an author to my library on Thursday (and she was really good - one of the best we've had). In her book G is for Grand Canyon it shows the cactus wren's nest and what do you know? It looked just like mine. I didn't know they made nests outside of cactus though.

Yesterday was Christian free. He left at 4:15 am to go snowboarding with the young men in our ward. He enjoyed himself although he couldn't feel his feet after a while (he had too small of shoes). He came home at dinner with stories to tell.

Now I am home relaxing after church. We have church at 8 am now (due to singles ward meeting in our chapel). So....that makes an early morning for all of us. Hopefully in the summer it will be easier as it won't be so cold then. It is still chilly in the morning and I don't want to get out of my warm covers. Everybody else must think the same thing since no one shows up until right before it starts. (Before most people were there 15-30 minutes early.)

Hope everyone is having a nice, calm, relaxing Sunday too :))))