Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hawaii Scuba Dives

Christian and I did a total of four dives in Hawaii. Two at 40 feet - Turtle Canyon and Koko Crater, a wreck dive at 105 feet - Sea Tiger, and one at 60 feet - Deep Pipe. I got to use my brother's camera. I took some great pictures on the first three dives, but the battery ran out for the fourth so I have no pictures of Deep Pipe where there was tons and tons of coral; you couldn't even see the bottom.

Here are pictures from Koko Crater - our second dive (I can't put the pictures in order since I can't get the blog to let me arrange the photos): Look closely in the coral and you'll see a couple of fish.

Here are some of the pictures of Turtle Canyon:

Check out the octopus :) When he was first caught, he shot out a lot of black ink. I touched him; he was slimy and his arm suckers caught my fingers.

This is the first of the three turles we saw at Turtle Canyon. They were huge!

I've got to go so I'll post my third dive pictures -- the wreck dive later tonight or tomorrow. Check back in to see them.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Game Night

I had a game night with some friends last night. It was a lot of fun. We played Scum, but we had so many people playing we started to forget the order we were to sit we got cards to help us remember. Then we stuck the cards on our forheads. Here are some pictures of us.

I just love the faces they made. Just so you know (those of you who left early) I FINALLY got to be president - twice! Of course the second time we stopped playing. That was my best game -- triples of 2, 3, Jacks, and Kings and doubles of 4 and 10. I had gotten rid of most of my cards in two hands.

See ya next time!

English Tea

On Friday a bunch of us librarians got together and went to an authentic English Tea. It was fun to get together and just relax on our first day of summer. There was a trunk full of hats and all of us put one on while we ate. We had little tea sandwiches, delicious scones, and petit fours. I had lemonade and the rest had different teas. Here are some pictures of us in our hats.

Here we all are in our hats.

This is Kelly (in the blue shirt and cream hat). She was my library assistant, but she was cut due to the budget. Luckily she will still be at our school, but I will miss her in the library.

Trying to decide which hat we wanted.