Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bird Nest

A few months ago I found a unique bird's nest in the oak tree in my front yard. Instead of having a top, there was a hole on the side of the nest. Although I looked for the owner, I never saw the bird the nest belonged to. Here is a picture of the nest.

Then, on Thursday night when I came home I found the bird's nest on my driveway. (Luckily to the side so I didn't drive over it.) I decided I should look to see if it had any eggs so I could try to save it. As I turned the nest slightly to look in it...a bird fly out and almost into my face. It happened so fast I didn't even get a good look at the bird :( I never could find the opening in the nest, so I moved it over by my lantana plants and hoped the bird would come back to protect any eggs there might have been. Christian was sure the next would get destroyed by the storm. Luckily, it survived. You can see a picture of where it is now below.