Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun Week :(

This week has been an interesting one. First, on Wednesday I started my first class that I am teaching to my fellow teachers. It is a three week course and I have been a little stressed out about it.

Then on Thursday I got a call from Christian's school. He was feeling light-headed and was afraid he would pass out. So I had to arrange to leave school and pick him up. He went right to bed and after a few hours he seemed okay. I then had to leave to go to the dentist to check on a crack in a filling they had done a few months ago. They decided it would be better to go with a full crown then replace the filling. mouth was killing me all day and part of Friday as well.

Since Christian hadn't felt good on Thursday and he had almost passed out at church a couple of weeks ago, I decided to have a doctor check him out to be on the safe side. They did a EKG on him and drew blood (of course he passed out when they took the blood). The doctor said Christian had a heart arrhythmia. He ordered a chest x-ray and told me to take him to a heart specialist at Phoenix Children's Hospital. What a thing to hear. It concerns me especially with my father's heart condition. I will be calling on Monday to make an appointment. Hopefully it is not something too big. And out life can go back to normal.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to School

I have survived the first week back at school. The first two days were HECTIC! We had a lot of students in the library all the time. Friday I spent all day teaching lessons teachers had signed up for. After one of them my principal came in and said that he had to have the lesson I just taught so he could send it out the other teachers. It's nice to get validation for what you do.

Moving Cheryl to Utah

I got to help Cheryl move to Utah. I was glad to do it as it let me see her house and help her get settled. We spent several days there helping organize and decorate her house.

Addie wanted to help too.

Of course we did take a little time to enjoy ourselves. Brayden decided he could get the games from the closet really easy -- he just climbed.
Ben and the kids got into a snowball fight. Brayden thinks he and Christian won against Ben -- I think it just became a free-for-all.

Brayden loves the snow. He built snowmen until they lost their heads (with a little help from Addie), then he decided he would make it into a snow wall for the next snowball fight.
On the last night we played games. It was a lot of fun and would have to make it last until we saw each other again.