Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Call You Don't Want to Get

Monday night just after 6:00 pm I got a call you never want to get as a parent --"Mom, I just got hit." Christian was in an accident by our Target. I raced to the scene to make sure he was okay. Luckily, he walked away with just bruises and few scrapes. I am soooooo thankful for it. My car was not so lucky. Both doors on the driver's side was mangled so they wouldn't open and the rear passanger tire was blown and the rim was destroyed. I figure the car slid and blew the tire. The side curtain airbags deployed. I figure that was really lucky or Christian probably would have hit the side windows. As it is he has an airbag burn -- kind of like a rug burn but it lasts longer. I never knew you could get airbag burns. My insurance said the chemicals in the airbags can burn you, but the fireman said he probably got the burns from the force of the deployment.

I just got the car towed to be fixed this afternoon. And dealt with all the insurance. All the fun stuff. This is all after staying up until 1:30 this morning so I could check on Christian every couple of hours and change his ice pack. Then I was up at the normal 5:00 this morning. Needless to say, I TIRED!!!! It is going to be early to bed tonight.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dad's Birthday

Last night we had a barbeque to celebrate Dad's birthday. David's family joined us. Dad decided to lead the singing of his birthday song. Mom made Italian Cream cake. Yummy :)

Mom also brought over all the ice cream she didn't want in her freezer. And of course she left it in my freezer. I guess Christian will have to eat it since I'm still losing weight. Ice cream is not too good for that.

David starting tickling Charity all over the house. I got some good pictures of it.

After dinner the adults and Charity planned Power Yahtzee, one of Dad's new games. The kids were playing video games. Charity and Mom were listening to Charity's music throughout the game.

David started a pen war with me and we both ended up with inked up arms. Of course David escalated it a marker and I had to retaliate. We had fun, but now we have to get rid of the pen and marker before church today.

It was a good night all around!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I now hear birds in my backyard all the time. I love it! I watch the birds all over my yard. They are in my jacaranda tree, my bird feeder, my lawn, my pation, and even on my swing on occasion. I've tried catching a picture of when I have 15-20 birds out there, but they all fly away whenever I get close. But I have some pictures to show you. Hopefully I'll get a picture of my hummingbird soon. He likes my honeysuckle, lavender, and sage.

This is one of the birds that I see all the time. Does anyone know what kind of bird it is?