Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas started off as usual with an appetizer dinner with my parents. We learn every year not to make as much, so we kept it simple -- we still had lots of leftovers!
After dinner we played games until Courtney and Daniel came home. Then came the unusual part -- since I was taking Mom and Dad to the airport early Christmas morning (6:00), we decided to have Christmas on Christmas Eve.
It looks like Christian is really enjoying his stocking -- really he is, he just doesn't like his picture being taken.
Courtney and Daniel joined us Christmas Eve. They opened their presents to each other. We figured out that they were going to have four Christmases this year -- ours, Daniel's parents on Christmas Day, Christmas with Cheryl and Maria, and then there were presents sent to their house. What a haul!
Here Dad, Courtney, and Daniel are opening up a present from me. I had them open it together since it was the same gift -- a recipe book of famous restaurant recipes -- like Olive Garden, California Pizza Kitchen, etc. Mom liked it since she saw mine and wanted to copy the Olive Garden soup recipes. I told her she could get them later.
This is Christian and my Christmas presents. I love the quilt stuff Mom got me - I'll get to make some pretty quilts now. (I've already got my next three projects planned.) I enjoyed all my presents - and some of them were even a surprise (not ones I suggested).
Christmas morning after I got Mom and Dad to the airport and Christian and I slept some more (we didn't got to bed until 1 or 2 and got up at 5), Christian informed me that I need to get a better hiding place for Christmas presents as he knew most of the ones he got. Spoil sport! I told him to quit looking and next year they would be wrapped and under the tree before he got home from college:) That will stop him.
Anyway, I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas. It was an unusual one for us - but very merry :))))))