Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mural in My Library

I had an exciting last half of the week. On Thursday, Larry's sister started a mural on my school library wall. I have wanted to have one for many years. It is a beanstalk. From the trailing tendrils I would hang book covers for themes I am covering. Karen said she would do it and she did a wonderful job.

This is a very BIG beanstalk. It starts at the bottom of one wall with Jack trying to chop it down. Then it winds its way down that wall and a second one to disappear through the clouds and the ceiling at the corner. Coming down the beanstalk where it disappears is the giant's foot.

It took Karen three VERY LONG days to do it -- with Larry helping out for a lot of it. I can't thank them enough for such a beautiful job.

Karen working on the beanstalk and clouds on the second wall.
The beginning of the beanstalk with Jack -- he has his tongue sticking out and such an intense expression on his face.

Can you find Frog and Toad's lost button in this picture?
Where's the pigeon?

Find Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge's football and Cinderella's glass slipper.

There is a pot of gold that I will use around St. Patrick's day.

Can you find a mitten shaped cloud? It is from It Looks Like Spilt Milk.

The giant's foot with Zeus's lightning bolt from The Lightning Thief.

Karen said she would add more characters and objects from other stories into the beanstalk throughout the year as she could. I can't wait for the kids to see it tomorrow. A lot of them having been in the library several times a day to see the progress Karen was making on the beanstalk.


Christian's high school held a Trunk or Treat for the neighborhood kids. Christian dressed up as a young Albert Einstein. My car was used as the trunk. I told Christian to get pictures - of the trunk and him dressed up. Like a normal teenager, he forgot. Luckily, I snapped one picture right before he drove off.