Friday, October 22, 2010

Christian is 18

Christian has turned 18. I can't believe that he is officially an adult now. In celebration of his birthday I have posted some of my favorite pictures of him.

Christian will probably be upset with me for posting the following picture. It was in Old Tucson and he was extremely embarrassed. The older can-can lady was flirting with him and saying she was going to keep him.

I love this picture of Christian reading a comic book with his Grandpa :)
Here Christian is showing off his dirty feet. This was his first Grandfather/Son Campout.
Christian loved his Aunt Cheryl and copied her a lot. Guess it comes from living with her for so many years. This is at Cheryl's highs school graduation.
Christian would always fall asleep in the weirest places. I would put him to bed in his bed, but I always had to find him before I went to bed so I could put him back in his bed. He always went to sleep with Goofy - it was one of his favorite stuffed 'animals'.
Christian played with Cheryl's friends. In fact he thought they came to see him, not Cheryl. In fact for his 3rd birthday, all of the guest, except his cousin Hannah, were 16 and 17 year olds.
Christian still remembers Foo-Foo (Cheryl's rabbit).

I love this picture of him. I still have the outfit too :)

He loved playing in the clothes hamper :)
Here he is again - asleep under my bed. I had a hard time finding him this time as his pillow is against a bookcase and there isn't much room between it and my bed.

24th of July parade. Several us of traded off saving our spot all through the night. It was a fun day.

Great impersonation of a turkey, Christian!
Halloween costume last year. You'll have to ask him who he was - I forget :(

18th birthday!!!!!

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Julie said...

I LOVE the picture of Cheryl and Christian at Cheryl's graduation. SOOOOOO cute!