Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rest of the Summer

After the Family Reunion, we spent some time relaxing at Aunt Barbara's. Barbara was gone for a while and her dog was very upset and barking. Mom was able to quiet him down. Then it was Dad's turn - no luck - kept barking. I tried - again no luck. Mom had to go outside and sit with him to keep him quiet until Barbara came back. Here are some pictures of them together. He kept scooting closer and closer to Mom - almost pushed her off the step :)

The following day we went to Yellowstone Park. It was a very long, but enjoyable day.

Then I went to spend some time with Cheryl. We went to see Eclipse, hung out, talked, and went to Lagoon. That was fun. The Gibsons convinced me to go on the roller coaster, Wicked (didn't take much convincing to be honest). It was fun. The second time my cell phone fell out of my pocket. I'm sure it smashed into a million pieces because they never found it :(
Everyone went back to the house for dinner and then Cheryl and I returned by ourselves (mostly to see if they had found my cell). No such luck, so instead Cheryl convinced me to ride all the rides I didn't want to ride. I don't know how she does it, but she did. Of course I screamed at her on a lot of them :)
Then it was back home and to work a week later. It was a fun, but short summer.

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