Friday, October 22, 2010

Rest of the News

Now to catch you up on the rest of the news.

Christian got a job about a month ago. He is working at the Safeway that just opened up today in Estrella Mountain Ranch. He is enjoying it and comes home and tells me all about it. There was a preview last night that we went to (Christian worked up until the preview so I had to pick him up). It took a long time because it was jam packed with people. We shopped, had samples, and talked with Mom and Dad. It took us over two hours to finish up, but it was fun.

The same day that Christian got his job, I was asked to teach an NAU class this Spring. So I spend all of last week preparing my syllabus for Modern Language Arts Instruction. I start teaching in January. I am excited about teaching this class. Hopefully enough people sign up for it so it isn't cancelled.

This week (I'm on Fall Break) I've spent time cooking freezer meals, cleaning my house and back yard, and spending a little time relaxing. I start back at school on Monday - not sure if I'm ready to go back, but back I go.

Now you are all caught up on our news. Talk to you soon - not four months next time :)

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